Aromatherapeutic Soap Range

So these soaps are pretty self explanatory. Made with essential oil blends which each have a unique sensory story. The Aromatherapeutic soap range is limited edition for Spring. Zephyr is a tried and tested blend which I have made numerous times before for my Miraj soap range as well as in perfume oil form. The … Continue reading Aromatherapeutic Soap Range

The Future of Olive Leaf & Honey

Lately I've had to ask a few tough questions about the future of Olive Leaf & Honey.  Starting a business from scratch is never going to be easy in whatever area.  It takes a lot of time, effort, research and money.  Lots and lots of money and upfront too.  So after a year if things … Continue reading The Future of Olive Leaf & Honey

Hot Process Soap Making – A New Venture

What is hot process I here you ask?  Well it is a traditional method (likely ancient) of soap making which still includes combining a sodium hydroxide solution with your choice of triglycerides.  But whereas, in cold process soap you add these ingredients together relatively cooled, in hot process the combined batter is cooked over a … Continue reading Hot Process Soap Making – A New Venture