Body Oils | Olive Leaf & Honey Products

It's not a surprise to anyone that we love plant derived carrier oils here at OLH.  They, along with natural butters and waxes, make the basis of our natural soaps and many different ones have been researched and tried out through the years.  So when it came to formulating body oils I already knew which … Continue reading Body Oils | Olive Leaf & Honey Products

Organic Oats Milk & Turmeric Soap

This soap took the most trial runs before arriving at what it is today.  The first incarnation was called Sunshine Soap and was a gorgeous solid block of orange colour.  It then became Orange, Turmeric & Poppyseed before becoming Oats, Milk & Turmeric. The name is a play on Oat, Milk & Honey soaps.  It … Continue reading Organic Oats Milk & Turmeric Soap