Organic Rhubarb & Liquorice Soap

Do you know what colour oil becomes when you infuse fresh rhubarb in it?  you may think it would go a light cloudy pink (if your bunch of rhubarb is pink).  Or at least a muddied kind of shade you’d expect when you infuse oil with organic matter.  But it becomes a pretty surprising neon … Continue reading Organic Rhubarb & Liquorice Soap

Organic Oats Milk & Turmeric Soap

This soap took the most trial runs before arriving at what it is today.  The first incarnation was called Sunshine Soap and was a gorgeous solid block of orange colour.  It then became Orange, Turmeric & Poppyseed before becoming Oats, Milk & Turmeric. The name is a play on Oat, Milk & Honey soaps.  It … Continue reading Organic Oats Milk & Turmeric Soap

Fun and Fragranced Soaps: Chocolate Orange Heart Soap

Begin playing around with soap and it can become quite addictive. Suddenly the most mundane everyday item can start inspiring ideas. Or even a colour. Just thinking of a colour can trigger off the inspiration to create a soap concept based around it. My favourite colour is a dark deep mysterious midnight teal navy blue. … Continue reading Fun and Fragranced Soaps: Chocolate Orange Heart Soap