Honey Dust – A Cleansing Face Powder

img_8368So the idea of a powder that cleanses your face may be quite a new concept for some.  When I was researching this formula I did come across some with the same concept but for the most part it was clay based face masks we found that were also being used for cleansing.  Our product is also clay based, with soft white kaolin clay and French yellow illite clay being an important part of the formula, but there is also a foaming ingredient included – a very gentle one derived from coconuts and in not a very high quantity (the foaming action is very very mild here and more like a cleansing action).  This really is the ingredient which makes it an actual cleansing powder and not a face mask.

Why make a cleansing powder?  Well the first reason and probably the silliest, is because we thought the idea of a cleanser that was in the form of a powder was well….just cool :-).  Close behind that was the fact that it was a water free product.  Such products last for a very long time as the absence of water means the absence of bacterial growth.  This is why we thoroughly recommend not getting any water into the product and the reason why we decided to house the product in a glass bottle rather than a jar as the risk of water being added is decreased.  Another factor was that a water-free product meant their is no need for a preservative, so yay!  We also like the idea of a product which is easily transportable and something that can be taken on holiday which can be an issue with liquids.

img_8371How does this cleansing powder work?  Our directions are to tip a little amount (about 1/2 tsp full) of the powder into the palm of your hands – not too much as the palm of your hand then won’t be able to hold it as you mix and you will probably waste some amount by ‘poofing’ it away (trust us – we have practised this numerous times!).  Then with your other hand, add a few drops of water.  And I mean this literally – add drops of water little by little until you get a medium-thin paste.  It takes me no more than 3 drops of water in the amount I use to get the consistency I like.  Then it’s pretty simple – just use your fingers to rub the paste onto your skin.  You don’t have to vigorously scrub, just gently rub in until you have your face (minus eye area) covered.  We really enjoy using this to gently cleanse as the scent itself is so uplifting and it leaves the face very bright, very clean and very soft.

Now to wash off you can use plain water but be sure to use quite a bit to get all the cleansing paste off.  We used to use water all the time initially and were absolutely fine with that method but lately I have used a muslin cloth and this is even more amazing.  It really gets every bit off and your face comes out glowing.  I use this method now a lot although you don’t strictly  need a muslin cloth to use this cleanser.

If you have very dry sensitive skin prone to redness (like me) then don’t use this scrub everyday – I use it approximately 3-4 times a week.  I also don’t leave on for more than a minute before rinsing off.  This gives me the best results and doesn’t make my skin turn red (as most things do!).

Now on to the ingredients and why we have included them.

I’ve already mentioned that it is clay based and the reason for that is the earth clays are absolutely great at naturally cleansing skin and in some ways are the original cleanser – Moroccan women have been using rhassoul clay for over a thousand years!  Not every cleanser has to bubble and foam in order to get you clean 🙂  Natural clays have particles which are highly absorptive with clays such as bentonite being one of the most absorptive (making it useful for very oily skin)  and white kaolin being lesser so and making it great for dry sensitive skin.  This property to absorb draws out all the dirt, bacteria and toxins from the skin to give a thorough cleanse to the skin as well as making skin brighter and more toned.

img_8370Honey is just a fantastic all round skin product.  It is highly humectant (draws moisture to the skin), very antibacterial and has amazing skin brightening and clarifying properties.  Our honey powder is freeze dried to remove all the moisture content while retaining all the goodness.  Similarly the royal jelly powder also has skin nourishing properties which moisturise, strengthen and brighten the skin.  Both butter and buttermilk powders are great moisturisers too and you may think of them as more culinary ingredients but both contain fantastic amounts of fatty acids which soften skin as well as a great source of lactic acid which sheds old dull skin cells and makes skin appear toned, brighter and smoother.

Pineapple and lemon peel powders also work as exfoliators in the blend as they contain enzymes which help break down old surface skin cells, revealing brightened and smoothed skin.  The oatsilk we have added is almost a counterpoint to all the exfoliating ingredients!  It is extremely skin softening containing saponins which are very gentle and soothing to the skin.  Along with the oatsilk to help protect skin we have also added slippery elm powder and marshmallow root powder.  These herbs have an amazing property of becoming film forming when water is added thus further softening and protecting the skin.

Lastly the scent is a combination of geranium bourbon, Indian peppermint and blood orange essential oils which gives an amazingly uplifting and invigorating scent!  The combination of all these ingredients is to leave you with cleansed, brightened and toned skin.

We hope the above has given a good idea about our new product and the benefits it has for your skincare.  Some of our testers even use it on their hair as a type of cleansing hair mask which has been pretty interesting to note in the feedback!

You can find Honey Dust by clicking here.

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