Sea Buckthorn Hair & Body Dry Oil

Sea Buckthorn Hair & Body Dry Oil

Our first body oil is made from organic cold pressed Siberian sea buckthorn oil and is formulated for hair and body application.  Composed of organic camellia oil and rice bran oil for their ferulic acid and vitamin E content which can help nourish and promote hair growth as well as prevent free radical damage on skin.  Caprylic/capric triglyceride is basically coconut oil that has been fractionated to render it fluid at room temperature rather than solid.  This makes it excellent to use in body oils as these are usually always housed in bottles.  It is a very lightweight and moisturising oil, maybe just a little bit on the greasy side (just like coconut oil) but provide excellent slip and for that reason is one of the best massage oils out there in my experience (I used to do a lot of Swedish massage).  Used in combination with a drier oil to balance it out, such as rosehip, it gives very good moisturisation and hydration to the skin.

I honestly don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t heard of rosehip oil by now.  One of the few oils to have actually shown in tests to reduce wrinkles and scarring, it is abundant in vitamin A which is the magic compound that battles everything causing aging by the sound of it.  Said to help skin regeneration and increase collagen and elastin in skin for firmer, smoother and more toned skin – who doesn’t like the sound of that?  For that reason it is great to use this oil on stretch marks to reduce the appearance and to prevent formation.  I have been using this oil neat on my skin (not recommended if you have acne) and it is wonderful under makeup as it doesn’t leave on oily residue or layer on skin (being quite a dry oil in feel).

Moroccan Argan oil is another oil in this blend that has a lightish feel and consistency but definitely not light in nutrients.  Argan is choc full of vitamin E and is also a great oil to simply use alone on the face as like rosehip it is quick to absorb and moisturising.  It is simply fantastic at softening dry skin and those problematic dry patches and using this neat and in blends has shown visual improvements in skin radiance and tone. 

Black seed oil, like sea buckthorn, is an amazing powerhouse of antioxidants, including potent antibacterial properties which help to combat bacterial skin conditions and calm inflamed skin.  It has much much more than that and I may possibly do a separate blog post for black seed oil either here or on my new blogging platform embedded in my website on which you can find the post on sea buckthorn oil benefits and properties here

If you want an in-depth look at the properties and antioxidants in sea buckthorn oil then I highly recommend checking out the link above.  I won’t be reiterating them here as they are quite numerous and would make this post very long.  They are worth a definite read though!

Sea buckthorns berries

The combination of the above ingredients in our Sea Buckthorn Hair & Body Dry Oil makes this a very potent oil for skin and hair health.  Applying to skin just after a bath or shower when skin is still slightly damp and warm is best for complete absorption although it is a fast absorbing oil in general that leaves very minimal greasiness.  It’s a great oil to rub on your tummy if you are pregnant as it has properties from rosehip oil which prevent stretch marks from forming or getting worse, while the fractionated coconut oil gives it great emolliency and slip which makes it so easy to massage and spread.  It is also completely fragrance free and contains no added essential oils (which is a first for my products!) for those who are particularly sensitive. 

For hair this is best applied either just before shampooing when I recommend giving a full head and scalp massage with this to promote fuller hair growth.  The ferulic acid from rice bran and sea buckthorn oils helps to create thicker, fuller more lustrous locks so getting a good massage  of this right into the roots and scalp is important.  Another method to use on hair is when it is just slightly damp, add a pump to the palm of your hand, spread between both palms then lightly rub over the top of your hair to tame frizziness.  You can also concentrate this on the tips of your hair to promote sheen and health on dry ends.  We really do love this oil here at OLH and it is something that I personally have been using non-stop as a frizz tamer since formulating.  It is very versatile and we even suggest trying out on your man’s beard (or your own if you are male and reading this :-)!).  

Sea Buckthorn Hair & Body Dry Oil comes in a box which includes a pump applicator for ease of use.

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