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It’s not a surprise to anyone that we love plant derived carrier oils here at OLH.  They, along with natural butters and waxes, make the basis of our natural soaps and many different ones have been researched and tried out through the years.  So when it came to formulating body oils I already knew which oils I wanted to concentrate on although a lot more were also bought and tested that I hadn’t had experience with before.

Most plant oils have amazing benefits in them.  The most obvious being the fatty acids these triglycerides provide.  Oleic acid (olive oil, rapeseed oil, camellia oil), linoleic acid (sunflower oil, poppy seed oil, safflower oil), alpha linoleic acid (chia seed oil, walnut oil, flax seed oil) and gamma linoleic acid (evening primrose oil, borage oil, blackcurrant seed oil) are the more widely heard of ones while lauric acid (coconut oil), erucic acid (broccoli seed oil) and gadoleic acid (meadowfoam oil) may not be too famous.  Yet each have some unique and interesting effects on skin and I really want to go in depth focusing on each fatty acid and the benefits provided by it in future blog posts.

So what was the criteria we used to make our body oils?  Firstly the reported benefits of the oils were researched and the ones with the most documented effects were chosen.  Then the composition of the oils’ fatty acids were looked at and the ones with the most antioxidants and specific benefits were chosen.  Lastly the skin feel of the oil was tested and noted and this last one was just as important as the first two in order to balance some heavier or dark coloured oils in the formula.  Because there is no point making an awesomely nutrient-concentrated oil that doesn’t feel nice on the skin.  If a body product ‘drags’ on the skin, is too thick, too greasy or discolours skin then the chances of you reaching for it again and again simply diminishes.

The luscious hue of organic cold pressed sea buckthorn oil.

For instance, sea buckthorn oil is probably one of the most nutrient dense oils that I’m aware of.  Black seed oil has a lot more research – very impressive research by the way – behind it but in compositional terms sea buckthorn to me was very impressive.  However if you apply this straight to the skin you look like you’ve been tangoed!  And I mean seriously orange orange.  Dilute it 50% with a clear oil and you still look like a fake tan attempt gone very wrong.  It took a while to get the percentage right and the percentage is not much at all but it is necessary to dilute it in order to bring the consumer an effective product that doesn’t stain them or their clothes and surroundings.  Something they will want to use again and again.  Luckily with sea buckthorn, it is so abundant in nutrients that even a small percentage in a blend brings a whole bunch of benefits.

Left to right: Rock Rose Satin Body Oil, Aethyr Soothing Body Oil and Sea Buckthorn Hair & Body Dry Oil

We will soon be releasing three body oils in the OLH range and among them is a Sea Buckthorn based body and hair dry oil which has been extremely popular with testers.  The second body oil is called Aethyr Soothing Body Oil and has been infused with some awesome herbs , flowers and botanicals known for calming and soothing skin.  Lastly Rock Rose Satin Body Oil is almost like a fragrance product with it’s scent of rock rose absolute and the eye-wateringly expensive vanilla absolute but also full of luxurious plant oils like cold pressed pomegranate, raspberry seed, cherry kernel, watermelon, cranberry and shea oil to make your skin satin soft.  I will be releasing a blog post about each individual body oil once they have launched :-).

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