Olive Leaf & Honey New Website

Olive Leaf & Honey new website front page


This has been a long year with a lot of changes.  The main one being moving our business out of the family home and into rented premises where we can focus solely on soap making production and have a lot more storage space for our products, ingredients, packaging and soap equipment.

The other main change was working towards creating a new website and moving away from the Etsy platform we were using.  I’m happy to have finally opened the website on Monday and the new home of OLH is http://www.oliveleafandhoney.com

Opening a website has been something I’ve been thinking of for over a year but because of the change of premises it was put on hold and delayed frequently.  Moving all our stuff to a new place wasn’t easy (huge thank you to all my family for helping).  Setting up storage, building the storage units, organising shelving, creating an office space all had to be done and during this time I simply took a break from social media, making youtube videos and making more soap stock.  Thankfully I had quite a lot of soap stock to keep me going so that wasn’t much of an issue.  I was also creating test batches of new products I wanted to create for OLH and add to the range as well as soap.  Handmade natural organic soap will always be the main focus but I also began to focus on making organic body polishes, body butters, lip balms, face oils, body oils, bath milks, toners and cleansers.  There was so much product created that we are still going through stockpiles of scrubs in the bathroom!  But testing was very important to ensure I got the texture and consistency of products absolutely right.  And although I tested a great many things, there is only a limited number of product types I’m releasing for now which include body polishes, body oils, bath milks and, in the very near future, face oils.

I will be speaking of each product type in the following blog posts and will go in depth as to what I’m releasing.  I have to be a little careful as my products are still with a safety assessor and have yet to receive their safety certificates but I’m pretty confident that they will pass.

As far as YouTube goes I may not be doing much on that platform for now.  Not until I get a proper set-up which means more investments.  Ironically it was much easier making YouTube videos in my kitchen as I would simply place my phone on the cupboard ledge above where I soaped.  Unfortunately there is no such ledge in my current soaping area which has a window above it.  It seems that I may have to invest in some equipment before I can start making videos again.

Lastly, I’ve separated Miraj from this blog so that only OLH related topics are posted here.  Miraj has her own blog but for the moment things are going to be quite on that front until I settle into OLH’s new website and structure.  Thank you to all my lovely customers who have waited patiently throughout this transition period – your kind words and messages were very motivating and encouraging.

Olive Leaf & Honey new website at http://www.oliveleafandhoney.com


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