My Top Five Best Selling OLH Soaps

So what soaps have really performed well for me in my little Olive Leaf & Honey Etsy shop?  I’m going to talk about the five who have really performed well with all of them being continuously popular with repeat customers.

  1. Pink Clay Sea Salt – the only soap from the Sea Salt range, this has numerous repeat customers and has steady sales online.  Does fairly well at local stalls too.

    Pink Clay Sea Salt Organic Handmade Soap
  2. Oats, Milk & Turmeric – full of organic turmeric, organic oats and goats milk, this is purchased by a lot of people who have chronic skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis and this gets very positive feedback.  Scent is one of my favourites with an earthy sweet floral blend of turmeric, geranium and orange.

    Oats, Milk & Turmeric organic handmade soap
  3. Olive Leaf & Honey – my simplest soap in terms of ingredients but this is still popular online.  All my Olive Oil & Honey soaps contain the three ingredients of organic extra virgin olive oil, raw organic honey and beeswax, which is what this soap basically consists of with some olive leaf powder in the base.  I do add a lot more honey and beeswax in this soap though which can be noticed in the feel of the bars being smoother.

    Olive Leaf & Honey organic handmade soap
  4. Charcoal & Black Seed – very popular with people suffering from acne.  I get a lot of enquiries about this one and oily acne prone skin and I get very positive feedback on this one too.  The scent is a cult favourite with an almost masculine smoky woody scent (made from cedarwood, patchouli and star anise).

    Charcoal & Black Seed, handmade organic soap
  5. Rhassoul Clay & Silk – I think this may have a lot to do with the appearance as well as the additives.  I get a lot of comments on the scent of this soap although I realise that can’t be the initial selling point since I sell online.  I don’t market the scents up much for OLH the way I do for my Miraj products, but this scent (combo of geranium, orange, ylang ylang) gets a lot of compliments and repeat customers.

    Rhassoul Clay & Silk, handmade organic soap

Honourable mentions definitely include Shea Butter and Goats Milk which is almost as popular as Pink Clay and especially with parents buying for their children as it contains 30% less fragrance than my other soaps.  Spicy Cocoa Sea Salt sells very well locally where people can physically smell the soap as it contains one of my most strongest (in terms of throw) and incredible scents (patchouli, peppermint, clove).

Many of my not so well performers have been quietly discontinued as it gives me more time to concentrate on making, selling and marketing the ones that do perform.  It’s all a learning curve and I’m constantly learning about things on the business side – a process that can ever stop really as long as you have an online business.

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