Organic Charcoal & Black Seed Soap

Organic Charcoal & Black Seed
Organic Charcoal & Black Seed Soap

I wanted to introduce you a little more to this soap.  I published some photos on facebook a wee while back about it, but here are some further embellishments to this soap.


Charcoal & Black Seed is the first soap I formulated for my new business.  By this I mean it was the first soap I was completely happy with in terms of ingredients, shape, size and aromatherapy essential oil blend.


I’ve used charcoal in my soaps from the start.  The first soap I made was one called Lavender Liquorice, which used charcoal.  Charcoal is an ancient remedy that has been used to detoxify, mainly internally but also externally through topical usage.  Its adsorbancy powers are so potent that it is used, in the form of a poultice, to draw out toxins and poisons from spider and insect bites.  Adsorb describes the action of chemicals to bind to a surface.  Charcoal has been known to adsorb thousands of time its own mass.  It’s actually used in some hospitals to treat emergency drug overdoses or poisonings!


Ingredient number two in this soap is the amazingly powerful organic black seed oil.  It is known in the Middle East and in Islamic Herbal tradition, as the cure for everything except death.  Black seed is strongly anti-bacterial.  I encourage you to look online at some scientific studies conducted on the anti-bacterial properties of this oil.  It is described by some as a ‘miracle herb’.


It is also an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.  Combining the strongly detoxifying charcoal with the powerfully anti-bacterial black seed makes this soap great for oily, acne prone skin or to just generally brighten skin through a deep cleanse.


Lastly, it has a scent that I describe as smoky sweet!  Not for the faint-hearted, it is scented with pure aromatherapy plant essential oils that benefit the skin without being harsh.

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