OLH Packaging – Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

Our journey into finding the right packaging for OLH came right after the decision to open our own website.  Gone were the days of a spartan cigar band which kept packaging economical and environmentally friendly.  I loved the cigar band for the simplicity and minimal waste which it provided but it was still a surprisingly … Continue reading OLH Packaging – Recyclable and Eco-Friendly

Honey Dust – A Cleansing Face Powder

So the idea of a powder that cleanses your face may be quite a new concept for some.  When I was researching this formula I did come across some with the same concept but for the most part it was clay based face masks we found that were also being used for cleansing.  Our product … Continue reading Honey Dust – A Cleansing Face Powder

Hot Process Soap Making – A New Venture

What is hot process I here you ask?  Well it is a traditional method (likely ancient) of soap making which still includes combining a sodium hydroxide solution with your choice of triglycerides.  But whereas, in cold process soap you add these ingredients together relatively cooled, in hot process the combined batter is cooked over a … Continue reading Hot Process Soap Making – A New Venture